Spiritual Designs
designed with spirituality in mind

Spiritual Memorial Cards

The passing of a loved one or close friend is undoubtedly a time of great sadness that moves us to contemplation. For many people, that reflection often takes a spiritual form as the ‘big questions’ of life and death inevitably confront us. Indeed, in moments of loss and grief, spirituality and faith can be great comforts.

Across our full funeral stationery range, we offer a series of spiritual designs intended to capture and even aid this mood of contemplation. Each is based around an image carefully chosen for its symbolic resonance and for its calm, soothing tone. The four images we use are:

      The sea washing footprints from a sandy shore.

      A dandelion ‘clock’ against the sky at dawn.

      Clouds in a bright blue sky.

      Two swans on a lake at sunset.

Purposefully selected to be neutral in terms of specific religious meaning, we believe these images capture something of the temporality that we have to deal with when a loved one passes on, but also reflect quiet solace in the beauty and permanence of nature.

All four designs can be chosen across our stationery range, from memorial cards announcing a service to funeral brochures setting out the order of service. On our order of service booklets and books of condolence, your chosen image is faithfully reproduced using the latest professional printing techniques on the front cover, with details of the deceased, a photograph and other appropriate details overlaid.

Our announcement and thank you cards follow a similar layout, with your chosen image used as the background on a single-sided card, with text printed over the top.