Themed Designs
modern design with a hobbies/pastimes theme

Themed Funeral Memorial Cards

At Order of Service, we understand that many people wish to focus on commemorating the life of a loved one when they die as much as mourn their loss. Although funerals are inevitably sad and sombre affairs on some levels, there is a desire to also celebrate the memory of the deceased, to bring together the people who knew and loved them to share their fondest anecdotes and recollections.

Our themed funeral stationery is intended to focus attention on the things your loved one enjoyed best in life, the passions and hobbies that helped make them who they were. Our bespoke template designs for funeral memorial cards, books of condolence, announcement and thank you cards let you add something of the personality of the deceased to your orders, invoking happy memories of who they were and what they meant to everyone attending the service.

For funeral service booklets, there are three types of template design for the front cover to choose from:

      Single image: Choose a themed image relating to a specific pastime or hobby as the main focus of the page, with customisable text around it.

      Multiple images: Celebrate the various passions and interests of the deceased with four themed images arranged in the corners of the page, with text centred in space left in the middle.

      Background image: Combine a themed image with a photograph of your loved one, with the template image used in the background and your photograph and text arranged over the top.